Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Cult-TV Faces of: The Bat-Villain!


  1. 1. Burgess Meredith as The Penguin
    2. Frank Gorshin as The Riddler
    3. Julie Newmar as Catwoman
    4. Cesar Romero as The Joker
    5. Roddy McDowell as Bookworm
    6. Malachi Throne as Falseface
    7. Otto Preminger as Mr. Freeze
    8. Art Carney as The Archer
    9. Vincent Price as Egghead
    10. Liberace as Chandell
    11. Ethel Merman as Lola Lasagne
    12. Joan Collins as The Siren
    13. Milton Berle as Louie the Lilac
    14. Victor Buono as King Tut
    15. Barbara Rush as Nora Clavicle
    16. Cliff Robertson as Shame
    17. Carolyn Jones as Marsha, Queen of Diamonds
    18. Eli Wallach as Mr. Freeze
    19. Tallulah Bankhead as Black Widow
    20. Roger C. Carmel as Col. Gumm
    21. Michael Rennie as The Sandman
    22. David Wayne as The Mad Hatter
    23. ?
    24. Eartha Kitt as Catwoman

  2. Howard, as always, you are amazing. You missed just one Bat villain from the list, and nailed 23! Awesome!


  3. Doug LaLone (doughboy810)4:48 PM

    Hey John,

    I think #23 is Maurice Evans as the puzzler. Howard is awesome though.

  4. Hi Doug,

    You'r pretty awesome yourself, buddy, nabbing number 23, which was super difficult. That is indeed Maurice Evans (Dr. Zaius!) as the Puzzler!

    Nice work!


  5. I think it's hilarious Cesar Romero wouldn't shave his mustache off for the Joker. You don't notice too often but, sometimes, you see this big bushy white mustache and it just kind of. . .works. . .

  6. Hi Will!

    I agree, it's pretty funny when you think about it; yet -- as you say -- it kind of works, especially 40 years on. It makes Romero's Joker all the more distinctive. I always liked his insane, hyperactive, bulgy-eyed interpretation of the character...


  7. If I ever had a band, I would have named it Special Guest Villain.