Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tribute 2016

The film and TV world lost a number of beloved and talented individuals in 2016.  Saying goodbye to these remarkable people is not easy, but here is a gallery of the year's lost.

As always, any omissions are not intentional, and I would welcome comments on your memories of those featured here, or those that I may have inadvertently left out of the gallery.

To all we lost in 2016, Godspeed, and rest in peace.

Sylvia Anderson

Kenny Baker

David Bowie

Michael Cimino

Larry Drake

Fyvush Finkel

Carrie Fisher

Bernard Fox

Ron Glass

John Glenn

Florence Henderson

David Huddleston

Steven Hill

Arthur Hiller

Pat Harrington Jr.

Dan Haggerty

Guy Hamilton

Ken Howard

George Kennedy

George Michael

Noel Neill

Bill Nunn

Jon Polito


Debbie Reynolds

Alan Rickman

Doris Roberts

Nancy Reagan

Theresa Saldana

William Schallert

Angus Scrimm

Garry Shandling

Gareth Thomas

Alan Thicke

Robert Vaughn

Peter Vaughan

Abe Vigoda

Gene Wilder

Van Williams

Fritz Weaver

Alan Young

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Vilmos Zsigmond


  1. Now I know how my parents must've felt when the likes of Henry Fonda, Cary Grant, and Fred Astaire started dying off in the 80s. Part of your childhood is washed away and you're left with the spectre of your own mortality. This was an especially rough year for that revelation.

  2. And RIP Herschell Gordon Lewis


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