Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Model Kit of the Week: Battle of the Planets (Entex)


  1. You have to love the whole space station setting of that model kit, which os awesome of course, but there was no space station.

    What is that ship flying out at the top!? Never existed right?

    And then we have the Galacticycle just humming around a glass tube. Hysterical.

    Can the Star buggy and sonic jet fly in space?

    These are major questions. What the heck was going on in those creative minds at Entex?

    By the way I think that is the G-2 Space Mobile rocketing off into space behind the lettering?! WHAT!.

  2. Donald G8:37 PM

    The ship pictured at top is the New Godphoenix from Gatchaman II, the sequel series to the Japanese original.

    In the nineties, Saban partially adapted Gatchaman II and Gatchaman-F and smooshed them together into Eagle Riders.

    1. I'm aware of the Gatchaman II Phoenix. I actually have a die cast of it. Pretty nice ship, but not as great as the classic.

      I was referring to the strange looking ship at the top of the Space Station. That's a new one. Funny.

  3. I have a sneaking suspicion that these were re-purposed old model kits with new box art:-) I know there was an accurate model kit of the Phoenix because I owned one back then. I believe it was made by one of the Japanese firms - Tamiya or Hasegawa possibly.