Ask JKM a Question: The Westworld franchise?

A regular reader, Chuck, writes:

"I do not know if this is an “Ask JKM” subject, so much as a general request but here goes---With the new (and perhaps over-hyped) HBO series Westworld set to start this October, I was wondering if you had any plans to discuss the films on which the series is based, Westworld (1973) and/or Futureworld (1976)

Personally, I have not watched either film before, but I want to make it a priority before the series premier on October 2(?).

Anyway, if you have given any thought to the matter—please do. I always enjoy watching (or re-watching) a movie or episode, and then reading your review of the same.

Chuck, that's a great question, and it has inspired me to spend this week looking back at the Westworld franchise, which includes the original film, the follow-up you named, Futureworld, and the short-lived 1980 series: Beyond Westworld.

Your sense of the timing of this is right.  

With the franchise destined to return next week on HBO, it seems an appropriate juncture to remember the history of Westworld.  

Look tomorrow for my Westworld review, and then follow-up posts about the franchise throughout the week. I plan to review every episode of the old TV series (there are just five) and post some views of merchandise/collectibles from the 1970s.

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  1. John I am glad that Chuck asked you about Westworld. I have been very interested in author/writer-director Michael Crichton's Westworld(1973) since I first saw it as a boy in the '70s. I did not like the sequel Futureworld(1976) because they changed too many elements of Delos including the manufacture of the robots. The 1980 short-lived series was a continuation of Futureworld. The '70s science-fiction robots/androids existing in the '70s present day were intriguing with Westworld(1973), Stepford Wives(1975) and the ones that appeared on Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman.



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