Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Star Wars Week: Return of the Jedi CAP-2 Captivator (Kenner; 1983)

This is the Return of the Jedi (1983) edition of the CAP-2 Captivator by Kenner, a Star Wars "mini-rig" that was not featured in the Original Trilogy. 

You'd think that with all the amazing ship and vehicle designs featured in the Lucasfilm movies, Kenner would not have had to resort to coming up with new toy designs, but here was CAP-2, along with INT-4 (which looked like a mini AT-ST...), the MTV-7, the MLC-3, and PDT-8. 

All these mini-rigs accommodated the small Kenner action figures so that you "could create your own Star Wars Adventures."

I always felt that CAP-2 Captivator was actually the coolest (and perhaps most outlandish...) of the Star Wars mini-rigs collection.  It features "suction cup feet" so you can "hide CAP-2 in secret places." 

I don't remember that as a design feature on other vehicles of the Evil Galactic Empire, but it's fun to make this thing climb walls, anyway. 

Also, the CAP-2 features rear-mounted, silver-painted teeth that can grip action figures. This way, you can "capture Rebel prisoners and take them to Darth Vader."  Additionally, the cockpit opens and holds one action figure. 

On all the art for this edition of the CAP-2, bounty hunter Bossk is driving the CAP-2. He's one mean customer, so watch out if the CAP-2 is headed in your means business!


  1. I believe I remember reading that Kenner wanted a line of smaller vehicles for the toy line so they could appeal to families who couldn't afford big ones like the X-wing or Millennium Falcon. I think the mini-rig line was created during for the Empire Strikes Back and went into Jedi. My friend had the orange skiff looking one. And I had a white one with wheels that I always imagined was rolling around somewhere in the hanger bay on Hoth.

  2. Kenner did indeed create the Mini Rigs line so that they had a range of vehicles that they could sell at a lower price point than the larger toys directly derived from as-seen-on-screen craft.

    The 'tank' toy appeared in a return-to-Hoth issue of the (original) Marvel STAR WARS comic book.