Monday, December 23, 2013

Television and Cinema Verities #101

“I did the voice-over for some of the Star Wars discs or whatever and I made it a condition that he [George Lucas] would give me the Star Wars Christmas Special so that I could, you know, have something for parties … when I wanted everyone to leave.”


  1. You know I STILL haven't managed to watch the whole thing. It hurts too much. I think I was the only one in my elementary school class that missed it - I had my Mum take me out to see "Message From Space" that night. The really strange thing is that my memory is of the other kids having LIKED the holiday special - ok, admittedly we were eight years old and desperate for more of anything that could give us more Star Wars - which made me wonder if I had made a mistake.

    Of course having tried to watch the Holiday Special now I'm convinced I did the right thing back then!


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