Monday, January 21, 2013

The Cult-TV Faces of: The Court Room

Identified by Brian: The Outer Limits: "I, Robot."

Identified by Brian: Star Trek: "Court Martial."

Identified by Brian: The Starlost: "Children of Methuselah."

Identified by Brian: Battlestar Galactica: "Murder on the Rising Star."

Identified by Brian: Buck Rogers: "Testimony of a Traitor."

Identified by Brian: Doctor Who: "Trial of a Time Lord."

Identified by Brian: Star Trek: The Next Generation: "Encounter at Farpoint."

Identified by Brian: DS9: "Tribunal."

Identified by Chris G: MST3K: "Agent for H.A.R.M."

Identified by Brian: Farscape: "Dream a Little Dream."

Identified by Brian: Millennium: "The Well Worn Lock."

Identified by Chris G: Justice League: "In Blackest Night."

Identified by Brian: The X-Files: "The Truth."


  1. 1. Outer Limits
    2. Star Trek
    3. The Starlost
    4. Battlestar Galactica
    5. Buck Rogers
    6. Doctor Who
    7. Star Trek TNG
    8. Star Trek DS9
    10. Farscape
    11. Millenium
    13. The X-Files

  2. Chris G8:25 AM

    #9 is MST3K.

    #12 is Justice League.

    1. Hi Chris G,

      Well done! Whoo-hoo!

  3. Hi Brian,

    Wow! Well done, sir! You've left only two identifications on the table. Outstanding!


  4. Ok, I'm not up on latter-day cartoon series, I admit, but OMG I can't believe that I missed a MST3K reference! In my defense, I just got out of bed at 5 AM and was rushed to get to work, plus my sleep-blurred eyes didn't register Pearl or Professor Bobo.

    Well played, Mr. Muir!

  5. Very nice! You covered Star Trek: TNG, but I have to give a shout out to my favorite episode of the series, "The Measure of a Man," which has Picard trying to prove that Data is not Starfleet property.

  6. Anonymous8:57 PM

    what a joker