Monday, March 14, 2011

The Cult-TV Faces of: The Shape Shifter


  1. The first one is easy! It’s the salt eating shape shifter posing as Nancy Crater from the classic Star Trek episode “Man Trap”.

    The fifth one is The Wonder Twins - Zan and Jayna the siblings from the planet Exxor - who were in The All New Super Friends Hour.

    The eighth one is Constable Odo the security chief from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

    The ninth one may be The Judge from the second season episode “Surprise” of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but that’s just a guess.

  2. Hi Fritz,

    Great identifications there. You correctly recognized the Salt vampire from Star Trek's "The Man Trap," plus those Wonder Twins from The Superfriends.

    You also accurately tagged odo from Ds9. Interestingly, you got the performer right on number nine. Brian Thompson plays both the Judge in that episode ("Surprise") of Buffy and in the episode pictured here, from another popular 1990s franchise.

    Great job!


  3. 3. The Rakshasa, posing as Miss Emily, from "Kolchak: the Night Stalker."
    4. Catherine Schell as Maya in "Space: 1999: The Metamorph."
    6. Simon Macorkindale as Jonathan Chase in "Manimal."
    7. Paddi Edwards as Anya from "Star Trek: The Next Generation-The Dauphin"

    12. I'm guessing that this is from an episode of "Smallville."

  4. Hi Howard,

    You always do a great job with these cult-tv identifications, my friend, and today is no exception.

    You accurately identified the Rakshasa from "Horror in the Heights" (Kolchak), the beautiful Maya from "The Metamorph" (Space:1999) and the late, great Simon Macorkindale as J. Chase in "Manimal.

    Your guess for number 12 is also accurate. This is indeed an image from Smallville! In particular, from the early seasons. This character appeared in two episodes and named Tina Greer, if I remember correctly...

    Terrific job!


  5. I'll chime in to claim a few, the remaining Trek shapeshifter and our two Ten-Thirteen troublemakers...

    2. Steve Ihnat as Garth of Izar in Star Trek, "Whom Gods Destroy" (1969).

    9. Brian Thompson as the Alien Bounty Hunter, a recurring character who first appeared in The X-Files, "Colony"/"End Game" (1995).

    10. Klea Scott as a doppleganger of Emma Hollis, one of the many faces assumed by a shapeshifting demon in Millennium, "Seven and One" (1999)

  6. Brian,

    You rock, buddy!

    Yep, that's Steve Inhat as the mad Garth of Izar from the original Star Trek, third season.

    And # 9 is Brian Thompson in The X-Files classic two parter, Colony/End Game. From the second season.

    And 10 is indeed Klea Scott as Emma's doppelganger, from Millennium's third season entry, "Seven and One."

    Fantastic job with these identifications! Whoo-hoo!


  7. And I'll take this opportunity to say, once again, how much fun "The Cult-TV Faces of..." is as a blog feature. It's always a blast to discover the week's theme, to review those images evoking fond memories of viewings past, and to see everyone chime in with the answers and shares a few memories of their own.

  8. Brian,

    Thank you for those supportive words about the blog and this feature --Cult TV Faces Of...

    I get a real kick out of it, and love finding the images and challenging my own memory of shapeshifters, asronauts, sheriffs, superheroes, etc.

    I'm glad you enjoy it too.

    All the best my friend,