Friday, November 27, 2009

She-Wolf of London Lands on DVD

One of my recent CULT TV flashbacks here on the blog focused on the 1990-1991 syndicated horror series, She-Wolf of London (1990 - 1991). I never thought I would see this happen -- simply because it is such an obscure show -- but a DVD release has been announced for the complete series.

TV Shows on DVD made the official announcement not long ago, noting that the show will be released from Universal Studios on February 2nd, 2010. You can pre-order the box set at Amazon, here.

In the original incarnation (set in London), the series was something quite special: a pre-X-Files excavation of common international horror legends and myths, with a touch of romance. It was enormously appealing, atmospheric and occasionally scary.

The series changed formats (and title...) with a production move to L.A., and Love & Curses became something a bit more light-hearted; more in the spirit of Moonlighting than a straight-up horror show. But now, you can judge the series and the format shifts for yourself...and if you're a horror TV fan, I encourage you to do so.

Now, if we could just finally get Werewolf: The Series on DVD too...


  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I have pre-ordered my copy from!!! February 2nd can't come fast enough--Long Live "SHE-WOLF OF LONDON"!!!

  2. Hey John, thanks for the news.

    I have a question for you-

    We all know there are zillion trillion shows about vampires, but there are very few about Werewolves. In fact, Iknow only four of these-

    1)She-Wolf of London

    2)Werewolf: The Series

    3)Wolf Lake

    4)Big Wolf on Campus

    My question is- Do you know any other shows on werewolves? and why do you think there are so few of them on the air?