Wednesday, January 09, 2008

SyFy Portal Visits The House Between!

Sy Fy Portal's Marx Pyle just published an in-depth interview with me on the subject of my returning online sci-fi series, The House Between at the popular genre web site. Here's a snippet of a "Conversation in The House Between":

It doesn’t have the budget of some of the more popular Web series, but it does have heart. It also has on board Muir, best known as an award-winning author of more than 20 reference books covering film and television including "An Askew View: The Films of Kevin Smith," "The Encyclopedia of Superhero on Film and Television," "Horror Films of the 1970s," and "Terror Television."

Last year, however, Muir decided to take the plunge and try his own hand at creating a TV series by avoiding the middleman and airing it on the Internet..."

Check out the rest of the article!


  1. Anonymous2:30 PM


    I read the Syfy Portal article, and I've enjoyed eps. 1-6. I can't download Veoh TV to watch ep. 7, because I'm a Mac user. Is there an alternate format?

    Great job, so far! Thanks.

  2. on NPR this afternoon, they were talking about how network TV audiences are shrinking, while costs for action packed series are rising. TV is in trouble now that people watch waht they want when, where, and how they want it.

    You, Muir, are taking us where no man has gone before.....

  3. raissad:

    Veoh should let you download the episode. Have you tried going through the THB episodes page at

    I'm sorry you are having difficulties. Let me know if it works!

  4. Anonymous1:57 AM

    Thanks. It's working. It was a great ending, and you did achieve something very Sapphire & Steel. :)

  5. Thanks Raissad! I totally love sapphire & Steel, so that's a high compliment. Hope you'll rejoin us for season two of The House Between!

  6. Hi,

    I very much enjoyed the first season of the house between. Too often science fiction has replaced good writing with whiz bang special effects. It is so wonderful to see a science fiction series that is so character driven.

    I was very pleased with the mix of characters and how they interacted. I love disfunction between major characters (In other words, I'll take Blake 7 over STTNG any day of the week).

    Being a Blake 7 fan, it should come as no surprise that I prefer Travis to Bill. I find that Bill (the obvious hero character) is the least interesting character almost to the point of feeling like a stereotype.

    Every other character is so much more developed and complex than Bill, i find myself wondering if he is meant to be a sort of barometer for reasonable and normal.


  7. Hey GCbright:

    Great to meet another B7 fan! Thank you for writing in with your comments on The House Between. We appreciate you watching!

    Tony Mercer, who plays Bill so well, often tells me that the character is my dissection of the hero character, the Blake, the Capt. Kirk or the John Koenig.

    That Bill - in his mistakes and obsessions - is that stereotypical action hero put under the microscope and examined.

    I think he's right about that. I think you are also right in saying that Bill is the audience's barometer because he is the most normal (recognizable to us in everyday life): a family man; a career man; a scientist; a rational man. He's not psychic (Theresa); he's not wildy unpredictable (Arlo); he's not secretive and manipulative (Travis) and he is less obviously damaged than Astrid.

    But just wait till you see Season Two! All the characterizations go even deeper -- and darker (including Bill).

    Stick around!


  8. Hi,

    Is tommorrow still the big day? And when will the new episode post? Can't wait. Have now watched the first season for a second time.


  9. Hey GCBright:

    Tomorrow is indeed the day. The video is processing at Veoh right now. You can check it out at or on the blog here. And please, join us at the discussion board!!

    Hope you enjoy the show!


  10. Hi,

    In separated, does Astrid (who shares dna with the house?) and Bill (who started the creative process on the house) being called mother and father have any significant meaning beyond this episode?


  11. Hey GC Bright:

    Yup, you got it. We know that Vitality considers Bill and Astrid the father and mother of the smart house (and household) from "Departed." We see an extension of that in "Separated," and it is an idea that will play throughout the rest of the series. In particular, watch for our season finale this year, "Ruined" to pick up on some of those notions.