Saturday, January 12, 2008

Report to the Transporter Room (For Landing Party Duty):


  1. Mike De Luca9:43 AM

    I can never quite shake the memory of the unfortunate Capt. Terrell taking his own life with the "Motion Picture/Wrath of Khan" phaser. Cool toy, though. Mine did not stay in the packaging for long. And speaking of tragic phaser deaths, did it freak you out when the "Undiscovered Country" trailer made it look like Kirk bit the big one? Freaked me out.

  2. Hey Michael:

    That Undiscovered Country trailer DID freak me out, big time. I worried for weeks and weeks that they were going to kill off Captain Kirk. He escaped the crosshairs that time, only to die in Generations, and now we're being told that it was THAT death that prevents Shatner from being in the new Abrams TREK movie.

    Another reason not to like Generations, if you ask me..

  3. I wonder if McCoy's Medical Kit has a cameo in The House Between?