Thursday, January 03, 2008

COLLECTIBLE OF THE WEEK: Corgi's 1960s Batmobile

Yesterday I wrote that 2008 is the year of Star Trek, but it may also be the year of Batman with the summer release of the sequel to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight. I'm looking forward to the film even though I really, really hate the design of the new batmobile. It looks clunky, not cool (but it is nicely explained in the Batman Begins script, nonetheless.) My favorite batmobile has always been the one driven by Adam West in the 1966 series, Batman. But, as Batmobiles go, this Corgi toy variation is pretty darn neat too. It's the 1960s Batmobile as seen in DC comics, and it has a detailed engine and a hood you can lift up. Crafted in die-cast metal, this batmobile is 1:24 scale.

What's your favorite Batmobile? I guess my runner-up choice would likely be the Burton batmobile from the 1989 movie. I didn't particularly care for the wall-climbing batmobile of Batman Forever.


  1. Sorry John, but the '60's Batmobile is a POS, like the show. If I were Batman, I'd be driving a car that's completely ruggedized and bulletproof, and that car is The Tumbler.

    Now you really, really try to convince me why the '60's Corgi Batmobile-a copy of the car from the show with no imagination-is better than a well-thought out car with speed, stealth and armour.

  2. Hey Lionel,

    I'm just talking personal preference here.

    I always preferred the elegance and 1960s "futurism" (replete with tail fins!) of the old Batmobile.

    As a longtime Bat-fan I have a hard time buying into the new Batmobile as essentially a modified Hummer.

    But - and I alluded to it in the post - I do think the armoured, stealth Batmobile is definitely more realistic (and well-explained). Just not my affectionate favorite.

    To each his own!

  3. joey_bishop_jr.6:07 PM


    Excellent call for your favorite Batmobile design! Contrary to the way things usually qork around here, I totally agree with you on this call.

    I could go all geek on you here, but the short version is that the TV Batmobile was created by George Barris, the legendary kustonm kar maker who also designed and built the Munsters Koach, as well as the Dragula.

    With a pedigree like that, how can you not love it?

    Although while fighting crime, I daresay the armored version is preferable!