Tuesday, November 29, 2005

CBS Shelves Threshold

Last Tuesday, Threshold took a drubbing in its new Tuesday time-slot. Looks like CBS doesn't want to grant this Carla Gugino series a second chance. Tonight, an episode of Criminal Minds will air in its place. Although the news is technically that Threshold has been "shelved," look for an official cancellation notice soon. Why? Well, Threshold was already on shaky ground before the time switch, and after last week's debacle...well, let's just say matters are grim. CBS only ordered additional scripts anyway, so this isn't anything sudden. The network has been hedging its bets on the series for a while now.

Thus Threshold is the first of network TV's alien invasion troika (which also includes Surface and Invasion) to leave the airwaves. Personally, I think if any of these three series had to go, it should be Threshold. The series' concept was fine, but the execution leaved much to be desired. Virtually every episode featured the same plot, boasted a Star Trek-like deus ex machina ending ("let's pulse the city of Miami!"), and had little if any significant character development. That said, I did enjoy watching Brent Spiner and Robert Benedict. Carla Gugino is a hottie -- and talented, to be sure -- but she seemed strait-jacketed in this role.

I hope Surface and Invasion survive, but I'm not holding my breath. Now Night Stalker, Alias and Threshold are all casualties of the 2005-2006 fall season!

Funny, Supernatural will most likely get renewed over on the WB, even though it has not--sogreat numbers in terms of the larger networks. It's a matter of scope here. Supernatural's numbers are good for the WB, but wouldn't warrant survival on any of the big three. So Threshold, Surface and Invasion are playing in a different and much more difficult league. Had Threshold aired on WB or UPN or the Sci-Fi Channel (like Battlestar Galactica...), it might have lasted five years!

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