Tuesday, October 25, 2005

TV Review: Surface, Episode #6

Hey, Surface is really (and finally...) heating up! In last night's episode, the tide really, really turned. Dr. Aleksander Cirko (Rade Serbedzija - currently in The Fog...) triumphantly declared that he had discovered the origin of the mysterious sea creatures. But before he could tell the Powers-That-Be in Washington (or the audience, for that matter...), he was executed by forces of the Government Conspiracy. Next up on the chopping block was Singh (Shishir Kurup), Cirko's research associate, who at least managed to get some information to Laura before expiring...an a sample of some strange marine life to boot.

Hell, I just love it when series turn a corner unexpectedly, and puts regular (or recurring...) characters up for the chopping block. I had believed that Cirko and Singh were going to be long-term regulars, and that the series would continue down the same road it has for several weks, with Laura being recruited by these guys to conduct further research. Instead, the opposite happened! I should have known that would be the case, considering that the Pate Brothers (G vs. E) are behind this series.

I think the Pates lulled us into thinking things were going to stay the same. We were "safe." Every week, we'd get a cute vignette about Nimrod, the toddler monster, while more information is gathered by Rich and Laura about the sea monsters. Instead, death and destruction reigns, Laura ditches her son, and we're off to the races. Even Nimrod appears to have turned murderous! Great stuff.

I think this show is getting better. I still haven't seen any reports, however, if it has been renewed past the initial order of 13 episodes. Hope you're still watching. The show just ratcheted things up...


  1. Hey John,

    I agree with you, this was a good episode. I'm a little confused why "the man" decided suddenly to kill everyone, but at least things are starting to heat up.

    Also, I thought you may want to know that Surface has been given the green light for a full season. Surface's ratings didn't start out very strong, but the ratings have been slowly growing every week.

  2. Hey Marx,

    Thanks for the update on the status of Surface. I'm happy and relieved it has been given a reprieve for a full season. Glad to hear the ratings are coming up. I think this show is a "sleeper." It isn't perfect by any means...but it has...something.

  3. I think the animals must have something to do with government testing ala godzilla. that's why they killed the doctor once he discovered it.

  4. Anonymous8:34 PM

    When is Surface coming back?
    Are there any toy Nimrod monsters out yet, and if so - where can I get one?



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