Monday, July 18, 2022

My Home Office: July 2022


  1. John,
    I hope your family is enjoying the summer.
    Your office still looks great!

    I see your display of the Alpha Moonbase kit. I am working on using the kit to build the Alpha Moonbase with all ten Launch Pads/Landing Platforms including catacombs, the perimeter of Gravity Towers & season two Laser Cannons etc.

    All the best,

  2. Wow. Most impressive!

    What do I have?... On my computer desk: original U.S.S. Enterprise, Thunderbird 1, Eric Cartman. Several representations of cats are on my bookcases. (Thunderbird 2 must be in its hangar, as I've not seen it since I moved.)

    You must be disciplined, John, to get any work done in that environment.

  3. Bringing back all kinds of childhood memories! Lovin’ all the classic boxes things came in, those are as nostalgic as what came in them!


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