Sunday, October 11, 2015

At Flashbak: Sci-Fi TV: 1976

My second article at Flashbak this week gazes at the (strange) sci-fi TV programming of the year 1976. 

The three series I look at are: Filmation's Ark II, a post-apocalyptic kid's show, The Gemini Man, and one of the weirdest genre programs ever: Star Maidens.

Ark II features a great central vehicle and some spiffy uniforms and sets, and Star Maidens is bolstered by great production design from Keith Wilson. 

The Gemini Man?  There's not much to recommend this son-of-The Invisible Man (1975) series, except the fact that Mystery Science Theater 3000 had a good time with a compilation movie version, Riding with Death.

Read the whole article at Flashbak, here.

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  1. Ark II (1976-1977) was Filmation at it's best. They filmed on location in every episode and never just parked the magnificent Ark II inside a soundstage interior redressed as a location as other series did.