Monday, March 06, 2006

Link of the Week: Captphil Online

It's still being constructed (as I write...) but I wanted to feature a shout-out this week to a new site that I've already been enjoying: Captphil Online.

This site is administered by one of my good friends and colleagues in the genre community. I first met "Captain Phil" about seven years ago - hard to believe - at the Space:1999 Breakaway Convention in Los Angeles on September 13, 1999. He's a good friend and he's helped me out on career-y things more times than I can count. He's been a steadfast supporter to Kathryn and me, an idea-man and - most importantly - he's an all-around good guy (and he has a lovely wife and a very sweet family).

Anyway, Captain Phil is a regular genre conventioneer, and is devoting his site to preserving that experience for future generations. Here's his mission statement:

"On this site I will document my 25 years of attending Science Fiction conventions with the goal of making some of the recordings I have of those events available to those interested in researching Science Fiction and to keep the names of those authors, artists and fans I've met alive for the next generation of fans and pros. I'll be commenting on the conventions I currently attend and what I think about those events, from the organization to the topics discussed. All of this and more will be on The Classic Adventures section of this site. Enjoy!"

What will you find on the site? Well, he's already got a
page devoted to host Howard Margolin's legendary institution , Destinies: the Voice of Science Fiction. This is great, because the site has archived several episodes of the classy genre radio-talk show for your perusal, including the December 23, 2005 annual Christmas special, the January 6th "Film Review Team" special selecting the five best genre films of last year, and much more.

On his "Classic Adventures" page, you'll find a chronicle of Captain Phil's convention sojourns over the years (and he's a well-traveled fellow.):

"From here I'll be linking photos from the conventions I've attended and linking to my MP3/Podcast reviews of those events. I'll even try to do a couple of interviews with some of the guests. Also look for some audio content of these conventions, either panel discussions or speeches. These are presented for Science Fiction Historians, enthusiasts and the curious..."

So check out Captphil Online if you're into this stuff (as I am...) it's a site still developing, but there's already a tremendous range of material to choose from.

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