Monday, January 11, 2016

Ask JKM a Question: Joel Edgerton's The Gift (2015)

A reader named Cullen writes:

"Hi John,

What did you think of 2015's The Gift? 

The entire time watching it I couldn't help thinking of your analysis of the "interloper" genre in Horror Films of the 1990sI thought the film did something much more interesting with that format than (the seemingly more popular) The Guest from last year.

Big fan of everything you do,


P.S. Bonus question: Any plans to tackle the '60s?"

Cullen, thank you for writing! 

I will post my review of The Gift here, tomorrow morning at 6:00 am.  

I'll say now that I'm always happy when I see a good "interloper" style horror film because it reminds me of the nineties and the era of Pacific Heights (1990), The Temp (1993), The Crush (1993), or The Fan (1996).

For those who don't remember, I defined the interloper as the heir to the mad slasher of the 1980s: an oft-seen movie villain who may be defined as a person (male or female) who deliberately interferes with the affairs of another, or who trespasses into a place, situation, or activity without permission or invite.  

In other words, the interloper gets into your life, and won't get out.  

There's also some aspect of the formula about the victim being to blame in some way.  At some point, even in some tiny way, he or she invites that interloper in. They open that door a crack...and can't close it.

I'll write more tomorrow about this format, and how The Gift fits in with it or modifies it.And boy does it modify it!

Now about Horror Films of the 1960s: 

I've always said I want to write at least three more decade books: Horror Films of the 2000s, Horror Films of the 2010s and Horror Films of the 1960s. 

McFarland has been slow about re-upping me for additional books of this size -- we've been stalled on Horror Films of the 2000s for a while -- noting that there may not be the audience there once was for these big books. 

So if you want me to write these books, and soon, please help me.  Contact McFarland and let them know an audience exists and that you want me to write Horror Films of the 2000s next!

Thank you for your question.  Don't forget to e-mail me at

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  1. I recall enjoying Bad Influence (1990) quite a bit back in the day. I suspect that is an Interloper film perhaps. I wonder if you liked that Curtis Hanson film. I was young and don't remember it well now but I quite enjoyed that film back in the day. Look forward to The Gift.


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