Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Theme Song of the Week: It's About Time (1967)


  1. Not to be annoyed, John, but can't you focus on something better like The Martian instead of this?

    1. Lionel,

      That's a good question and a fair question, and one that deserves an answer.

      I post between 20 - 25 times a week. I write movie or TV reviews of 1500 - 2400 words three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday), on subjects like Tomorrowland.

      I need time to write those reviews (as well as work my real life jobs -- teaching and writing books), hence fill-in days on the blog when I focus on a nostalgic topic like this, going through the merchandise iterations of an older perhaps forgotten program.

      I need those escape valve days with short posts to write the lengthy, in-depth, meticulous reviews. That's how I keep going, and get through the week.

      So I hope that explains it. :)