Sunday, October 11, 2015

At Flashbak: Sci-Fi TV: 1987

This week over at Flashbak, my ongoing blog-series looking back at forgotten or obscure science fiction TV series focused on the year 1987.

This was an age that brought some weird programming.  

First, there was the dystopian series, Max Headroom, about the rebellious digital avatar for a courageous journalist, Edison Carter (Matt Frewer).

Then, there was the pseudo-post-apocalyptic Glen A. Larson production, The Highwayman, starring Sam Jones, Jacko, Tim Russ, and the incomparable Jane Badler.

And last (though not least), is a show that aired three times before being canceled: Once A Hero. This series focus on a comic-book superhero hero, Captain Justice (Jeff Lester), who transitions from his world to the real world...and moves in with your typical '80s sitcom family.


  1. John how could you forget the 1987 debut of the extremely entertaining FRIDAY THE 13TH THE SERIES (1987-1990) [a.k.a. Friday's Curse]? I have the dvd set and am watching it right now. It was a reboot of Kolchak:The Night Stalker and the current movie series THE CONJURING is a reboot of Friday The 13th The Series.


    1. I didn't forget, I promise! I was just covering shows that lasted a season (24 episodes or less), because they tend to be forgotten or ignored. I love Friday the 13th, but it did last three very successful seasons! :)

  2. John, I knew you would not forget Friday The 13th The Series. The Conjuring movies are a reboot complete with the "cursed" objects being locked away inside their basement. The first Conjuring film even had the same kind of glass vase/jar in their basement that is in the opening credits of Friday The 13th The Series.