Sunday, October 04, 2015

At Flashbak: Sci-Fi TV - 1982

This week at Flashbak, I continued my blog series about obscure or forgotten sci-fi TV series. This year, I looked back at the year 1982.  It was a great year for sci-fi and horror movies; not such a great year for TV.

The series I look back at are: The Phoenix, The Powers of Matthew Star, and Voyagers! 

All these series survived for just one season. The Phoenix and The Powers of Matthew Star were series about humanoid aliens on Earth, and Voyagers concerned time travel.  

Looking back today, The Powers of Matthew Star looks like a prehistoric version of Smallville (2000 - 2011) or Roswell (1999 - 2002). The series also had interesting creative personnel (including Harve Bennett, Leonard Nimoy and Walter Koenig).

I watched all of these series on their original run and was disappointed when they were canceled. I'd love to have DVD or blu-ray (or heck, even streaming...) releases of these obscure programs.

You can read the whole post at Flashbak.

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