Sunday, October 04, 2015

At Flashbak: Sci-Fi TV: 1977

My second article at Flashbak this week remembers the obscure science fiction series of the year 1977.  

This was a great year for one-season wonders. Indeed, I remember these series with great fondness (particularly, The Fantastic Journey).

"For my third installment in this blog series about forgotten sci-fi television, I cast my gaze upon 1977, the year that Star Wars (1977) premiered and became an international sensation.

On TV, meanwhile, creators were still attempting to figure out how to create the next show like Star Trek, a series that, even in syndicated reruns, remained intensely popular.

Two of the 1977 series examined here attempt to resurrect Trek’s “civilization of the week,” format, only with travelers on foot or in a hover-car, moving from culture to culture, society to society.  The third is a parody of Trek tropes, one featuring comical interaction with strange aliens..."

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  1. Great 1977 sci-fi article John.