Monday, March 16, 2015

Another Flashbak: Mano a Mano: Six Times Cult-TV went to the Arena

Another Flashbak I wrote recently has also been published and I wanted to ask you to check it out. This one remembers all the TV versions of Fredric Brown's 1944 short story "Arena."

Here's a snippet and the url (

"Fredric Brown’s short story "Arena" was first published in Astounding Science Fiction Magazine in 1944.  It concerned a space war between two equally matched forces: the human race and the aliens known as "The Outsiders." During the last battle of the war, a human pilot named Carson is miraculously plucked from the cockpit of his one-man scouter and teleported to an arena of blue sand and bizarre, speaking lizard creatures.

He is contacted there by an omnipotent alien who informs him that the space war will not be settled here and now.  Carson is then forced to combat a deadly alien representative of the Outsiders, a repellent, round organism called "The Roller.”

If Carson loses this vital contest, mankind stands to be wiped out of existence. If Carson wins the fight,

Although author Brown was not aware of it when he penned this classic tale during the World War II era, his vignette would one day become, like The Most Dangerous Game, one of the most cherished "stock" stories in science fiction TV, especially throughout the sixties, seventies and eighties...." (Read more at Flashbak).

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