Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday Morning Cult-TV Blogging: The Secrets of Isis: "Rockhound's Roost."

In “Rockhound’s Roost,” a new student from another country, Fabian, is being bullied by Kevin, a boy who refuses to learn or accept responsibility.

On a field trip with Mrs. Thomas’s class, Kevin runs away, and Fabian tries to stop him.  Together, they end up in the woods, facing down a territorial bear.

Fortunately, Isis shows up to stop the bear from doing the boys harm, and to teach Kevin a lesson in responsibility.

After a brief uptick in storytelling last week, The Secrets of Isis returns to familiar territory with “Rockhound’s Roost.” Here, Isis is asked to do little more than babysit a wayward kid, and one who doesn’t even break the law. It’s not exactly a demanding assignment. Shouldn't a superhero be saving the world? Or at least the city?

In terms of powers, Isis’s capabilities are still being expanded.  At one point in the episode, she telekinetically extracts discarded plates from a river bed, lining them up in a box on the shore-line (an effect accomplished by running the footage backwards).

Later, Isis stops the prowling bear “harmlessly” in its tracks by trapping it in a ring of small fires.  

The bear, incidentally, is an actor in a really bad costume that looks like it was exported directly from the Korg 70,000 B.C. episode “The Web.”

The lesson in this episode is to take responsibility, because, in part, having responsibility makes one “feel needed.” 

Next week: “Lucky.”

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