Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lunchbox of the Week: Land of the Lost


  1. The real question is John - do you have one of these puppies in MINT condition?
    That would be sweet. There are a few vintage era boxes I wish I still had before I went traipsing off with them to elementary school.

    1. Alas, my friend...I don't have one. I have several great lunchboxes, but would love to get my hands on this puppy in the condition you describe...

  2. As a young boy in '74 I chose the PLANET OF THE APES television series Lunchbox for school, however my sister choice this LAND OF THE LOST lunchbox. I still have both. The complete series LOTL'74 dvd set that was released several years ago comes in a replica of this LOTL lunchbox.