Thursday, December 26, 2013

How the Future Looked Back Then: The Cult-TV Control Rooms of the 1970s

SHADO Headquarters (UFO).
Earthship Ark Bridge (The Starlost)
Main Mission, Moonbase Alpha (Space:1999)
Command Center, Moonbase Alpha (Space:1999)
The Cetacean (Man from Atlantis)
Space Academy/Star Command HQ (Space Academy, Jason of Star Command)
Space Station Perma One (Quark)
Galactica Bridge (Battlestar Galactica)
Argo bridge, Star Blazers


  1. John I am so happy to see The Cult-TV Control Rooms of the 1970s. I love the production design of sets from back then. Did you do The Cult-TV Faces of:Control Rooms of the 1970s first before for us to answer?


    1. Hi SGB,

      Thank you for suggesting this topic. Like you, I love 1970s sci-fi production design. A couple of years back, I did do a cult-tv faces of control rooms (not only inclusive of the 1970s), but that was in 2011, I think. I decided just to feature a gallery this time, since I had included some of the control room imagery before...

      Hope you had a happy holiday, my friend!

  2. Galactica is my favorite, but I have to confess a nostalgic liking for the SA/Jason Control Center.

    You forgot the bridge of the Searcher, btw...


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