Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Theme Song of the Week: The Sixth Sense (1972)


  1. This is a nice opening credits sequence and theme, but nothing special. Rather mundane, and a sorta bland song. Definitely had that "Early Seventies" look. But the 2nd season's opening credits and theme were a knockout! Unlike "Ghost Story/Circle of Fear" (which was playing on TV about the same time) where the first season had the good opening credits, and the second season had the definitely inferior one -- "The 6th Sense" was just the opposite.

    The 2nd season's opening has various views of an eerie alabaster body, with close-ups of the head, floating about (and it had very realistic, unsettling, eyes) -- set among a backdrop of cosmic stars and galaxies, to a pulsating, yet creepy, opening theme. Then the focus becomes the figure's head, which changes to a fast-motion scene of the sky and swiftly forming clouds. The scene becomes a sunset, and the weird white figure returns, only now with upraised arms, and the eyes slowly opening. I remember as a kid that this title sequence was rather scary and disturbing, which was perfect for the show that followed!

    1. Sorry, I got mixed up -- I meant to reference "Ghost Story/Circle of Fear" first and second main titles and theme, because of course the show only lasted one season! There was that strange mid-season change, which I thought was lousy, and in the end didn't boost ratings enough to save the show. The first opening credits is eerie, what with the backdrop of the dark "haunted" house (though it was probably part of the Hotel Coronado filmed at night! LOL) and the "floating" wispy titles that appear "ghost-like". Nice creepy theme song, too. (Then the enjoyable prologues with Sebastian Cabot, who'll "class up" any production!). By contrast the beginning of "Circle of Fear" came across as very cheap and annoying. The graphics resemble an old K-Tel record commercial, and the theme simply grates on the nerves.