Friday, July 20, 2012

Bat-a-palooza: Movie Trailers


  1. Anonymous12:21 AM

    John thanks for posting all the Batman movie trailers together from Adam West to Christian Bale amazing Batman timeline across forty-six years. Wow!


    1. Hi SGB:

      It is amazing to see the vast sweep of "Batman" history, isn't it? From camp humor and fantasy visuals to absolute realism. It's an intriguing journey that I plan to write more about today...


  2. Terrific fun. It only dawns on me now after seeing that classic vintage Batman trailer... Adam West got the babes in Batman didn't he? He was the veritable James T. Kirk of superheroes. In fact, if you really think about it, no one, save for maybe Bill Bixby as David Banner, and I don't even think so, could get the babes like Adam West. Wow! He was a killer. I've completely forgotten that aspect of Batman the TV Series.


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