Friday, July 20, 2012


As I know you have, I woke up this morning to news of the horrific incident in Aurora, CO, involving a gunman opening fire during a midnight show of The Dark Knight Rises.  Fourteen people in the audience were killed, and more than fifty people have been wounded. A suspect is in custody.  But the bottom line is that something unbelievably horrible occurred there.  My heart, my sympathies, and my thoughts are with the victims.


  1. This is indeed an awful event and knee jerk reactions by the media to tie criminality to the influence of entertainment will be unfortunate. My prayers go out too.

    1. SFF:

      I agree with you my friend. This is a terrible event, and I fear that those hoping to score points (on both sides of the political spectrum) will "use" the shooting as some kind of bludgeon.

      The important thing to remember here is that families have been shattered, and lives lost. We can assign "blame" later, if we must. Today, we should mourn, and not speculate without facts.

      All my best, my friend.

      Warmest regards,

  2. Anonymous11:36 AM

    If the reactions choices included 'sad' I would have checked it. This is simply a horrible tragedy that has struck all the families with loved ones murdered, wounded and those emotionally scarred by witnessing in person this evil attack. As the media covers this and unfortunately sensationalizes this we all are mere spectators to this from a distance. All of us send I am sure send our thoughts and prayers to those families. I certainly distain any political grandstanding to exploit this for any agenda left or right. These families and that community need help to eventually heal, if it is possible.


    1. "Sad" is indeed the only choice here.

      This is a horrible and senseless event, and I hope that those who are suffering will be given the time and the privacy to heal.


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