Monday, February 06, 2012

Television and Cinema Verities: In the Words of the Creators # 5

"I try to write about the human condition, whether it's science fiction, the Old West, or a contemporary story.  What concerns human beings?  What hurts human beings?  How do they survive?  How do they overcome their problems, their troubles?...Stories are supposed to touch you, make you feel, make you think, and make you communicate.  If I can do that in my writing, it makes me happy."

- Dorothy Fontana describes the thoughts underlining her career in writing in an interview with me, from Filmfax 112, December 2006, "A Writer's Enterprise," page 109.


  1. Way too early for me, but...
    1 is the Jupiter on Lost in Space
    7 is the Liberator on Blake's 7

  2. Hi Hugh!

    I know where these go....

    Great identifications!