Monday, February 06, 2012

Horror Films of the 1990s at the PC Principle: Pop Culture on Demand

My friend and interviewer extraordinaire, Troy Foreman, is now featuring a podcast interview with me regarding my book, Horror Films of the 1990s at his great site, The PC Principle (Pop Culture on Demand).  

Troy loves horror films with a passion, and we had a terrific, rollicking hour-long talk about the nineties, that decade of interlopers, serial killers, Internet fears, the "talking" slashers (Scream [1996]) and genetic horrors.  

In our wide-ranging conversation, we looked at historical trends in the decade, and specific films, from The Blair Witch Project (1999) to The Sixth Sense (1999) to Bordello of Blood (1997).

I want to thank Troy for a great chat, and for featuring me on his podcast.  I also want to see if I can wrangle an invite back when my book, Music on Film: Purple Rain premieres this April, as Troy is a huge Prince aficionado.

It was an honor and pleasure to be on The PC Principle, and I hope everyone will give the interview a listen...


  1. Purple Rain was one of my fave albums of the 1980's. The artist formerly known as...might have hit a high water mark with Purple Rain, both musically and most certainly in film. interested to read your take on him.

  2. Hi Trent...

    Another Prince fan, whoo-hoo! I am very enamored with both the score and the film, Purple Rain. It was a pleasure writing about it, and I appreciate your support of the book, my friend.


  3. John,

    Again, can't thank you enough for the opportunity to talk with you ab out your book. One of my friend's who follows your blog now has my copy and is reading it. He'll go through it pretty fast. I hope my little podcast was some help with the sales of your book!

    As for Purple Rain, we talked about this for a bit. Although I am a fan of the movie and enjoy the soundtrack, I feel that the popularity of the movie and soundtrack changed the direction of his music. He had to consider the mainstream when he worked on music after Purple Rain. Notice the album that was released after Purple Rain, Around The World In A Day. THe studio SO wanted another Purple Rain type album, but Prince did a complete 180 with that album. Whew, when your book comes out, we'll talk more about it on the podcast i hope!