Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Paxton Configuration: Not Bad For a Non-Player Character: Lance Henriksen and Video Games, Pt 1 (2002-2008)

William Johnson, the talent who last week brought us that amazing podcast regarding The Mist (2007) with Michael Alatorre, today offers the first part of a survey involving Lance Henriksen's work in video-games.

At The Paxton Configuration, Will writes "Not Bad For a Non-Player Character: Lance Henriksen and Video Games, Pt 1 (2002-2008)," an inspired choice of subject, and our first video game post on the blogathon.  Very cool.

Here's a snippet:

Be it bad guy or good guy, horror, sci-fi, or western, Lance Henriksen has done it. And the adventure continues. But let's take a look at Lance's history in the video game market, in chronological order. For as the world turns, so does Lance's role in the history of video games. What follows is a bumpy, wide ranging, and up and down road. . .but in the end, Lance Henriksen prevails in providing his voice and making something special, sometimes out of nothing.

Thank you Will, for another original and involving post.


  1. A very thorough examination from Will on an area of Lance's work that was not likely to be covered. So kudos to Will for taking on such a challenging analysis in a fun and inventive way.


  2. SFF:

    You hit the nail on the head. I wasn't expecting a survey of Henriksen's work in the video game realm, and then Will introduced this inspired piece. A great and inventive read, I agree!


  3. I'm not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination, but Will did a wonderful job I think with this piece. Thanks for this.


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