Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Pop Art: Power Records Edition


  1. Record? What's that?

    Seriously, I had that Captain America vinyl and comic.

    I also had the Fantastic Four one missing from your image selections.

    They were fantastic and the comic book art was from the golden era of comic book art. I just loved those comics!

    I would love to have heard the original Star Trek and Space:1999.

  2. I've got a handful of these that I bought off eBay a couple of years ago...still doesn't make up for the massive collection I had in my childhood...

    I assume you're aware of this blog?
    Power Records

  3. Hi SFF: I wish I had the Fantastic Four one. I've collected these as an adult (over the last fifteen years or so); but when I was a kid I know I had one of the Six Million Dollar man records.

    It's funny: I've read the books, but not listened to the records...mostly because it's been that long since I've had a record player.

    Filmfather: I am aware of that blog now, thank you! It's gorgeous and well-done. Thank you for calling my attention to it.

    Man, it stinks to remember when you had something as a kid, but it is long gone. Doesn't it? I feel that way about so many toys I once owned; even though I still own and display many.

    I still wish I had my Bionic Sasquatch, for instance...

    best to you both,

  4. Osborne10:35 PM

    I've got the Captain America shown here, as well as Spider-Man fighting the Man-Wolf.

    Too bad I don't have a record player.