Monday, January 10, 2011

The CULT-TV Faces of: The Spaceship


  1. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Ok, I can take a stab at a few:
    #4) USS Enterprise (TOS) and possibly the USS Constellation
    #6) The multigenerational ship from 'The Starlost'
    #8) ship from 'Star Maidens'
    #10) Transporter Eagle from 'Space:1999'
    #13) The Liberator from 'Blake's 7'
    #14) Viper, the original BSG
    #19) Greatest American Hero
    #20) V, the original series
    #22) Enterprise D, ST:TNG
    #24) Shadows, 'Babylon 5
    #32) Enterprise NX-01, 'Enterprise' (admittedly guessing here)
    #33) Serenity, from 'FIrefly'
    #35) Antares, from 'Defying Gravity'

    (hope I counted right!)

  2. Meredith -- As usual, you are amazing.

    The only thing that is wrong here is the numbers, and that's not because of you, that's because right after I posted, I saw I had left out (d'oh!) two photos that were supposed to be included. I lickety split put em in the line up, but not before you started identifying ships.

    So yeah, you took a good dozen out of commission there! Great job!

    Also, I want to credit you for not just nabbing the low-hanging fruit, but for recognizing, in particular, the ship from Star Maidens and the one from Defying Gravity. Those are pretty obscure!

    Excellent (as is par for the course with you)!


  3. I always enjoy seeing "The Seeker" from Space Acedemy - created essentially by jamming the nose of the Ark II onto a rocket...

  4. Hi Adam,

    I have an affinity for the Seeker too. It's like a space mini-van, or something. And yet, I've always wanted a model kit of one...


  5. Anonymous4:54 PM

    #6) Interceptor, 'UFO'

    Glad you explained that you added a few more~ otherwise I would have been embarrassed to admit I missed this one from one of my favorite series!

    Just a suggestion, but might it be possible to number images in a long list like this? It would help those of us who have to count on fingers and toes. :) :)


  6. Hi Meredith,

    I feel so bad about that! In the future, I will number the long lists (20 and up), so no necessity for counting on fingers and toes! :)


  7. John

    I wrote a fairly extensive e-mail on this earlier but it choked when I hit submit. Ugghh. I don't have the energy to retype it, but I loved your selection of images being a huge fan of spaceships. Wonderful. Blogger. ARGH!

  8. Is number 27 by any chance, Space: Above and Beyond? Looks like it, I haven't even watched all of the boxset since I bought it, I'm a bit ashamed of that, but I'll watch it eventually. Ramones and dogfight in space, priceless.

    Happy New Year!
    Cheers from Iceland!
    - Jósef

  9. My efforts were to supplement Meredith's list.

    I suggested that I was reaching for the low hanging fruit. I guess I'm giving it a second try.

    3. Lost In Space: Jupiter II [The Derelict]
    16. Buck Rogers
    28. Voyager: USS Voyager
    31. Farscape: Moya The Leviathan
    32. ST:DS9: USS Defiant
    36. Pegasus BG [New]?

    Thanks for a terrific lineup.

  10. Hey SFF:

    I am so sorry, man. This has been the bad luck post here today, between me somehow neglecting to upload the UFO Interceptor picture with all the others, and then this happening to you.

    But low hanging fruit or not, your identifications are right on the money. You correctly tagged the series AND episode of Lost in Space, recognized the starfighter from Buck Rogers, U.S.S. Voyager, lovely and sweet Moya from Farscape, the Borg-busting Defiant and a new battlestar!

    As always, you are awesome, my friend. Sorry you had that hiccup w/blogger.

    Josef: Hello, my friend, and cheers right back at ya! You identified correctly the fighter from Space: Above and Beyond! Yes! (And the shot is from the episode "R&R") Great job!

    best to you both,

  11. Anonymous8:56 AM

    #24) the small rouge one itself, Red Dwarf!

  12. Great job, Woodchuckgod. Red Dwarf it is, my friend!



  13. 18. Salvage 1
    19. Zarkov's ship from Flash Gordon: the animated series.

  14. Hi Howard!

    Great catches. Those were two pretty difficult ones, especially Salvage 1 (which I'd love to see released on DVD.). And I love that rocket from Flash Gordon. Great ship!


  15. A few more obscure ones:

    5. The Invaders
    13. Quark

  16. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Wow, what a splendid gallery of classic ships! It's nice to see Brogan's green 'Space-VW' ship from SPACE PRECINCT (as I'm enjoying eps from the new DVD release). That ship is definately a more attractive design than the show's blue patrol ships. Another great green ship is missing- 'Starbug' from RED DWARF.

    STARGATE UNIVERSE's ship is the newest of the pics, but it's great to see all the older show's ships remembered. Those two STARLOG PHOTO GUIDEBOOKS on Spaceships have many great pics of classic ships. Ever get them?

  17. Anonymous: That's the Destiny there all right, as the last of the photos. And I remember (and enjoyed) those photo guidebooks from Starlog as well. I wish I still had 'em!!!

    Andrew: Yep, that's Terrahawks, all right! Excellent job!

    best to all,

  18. Anonymous3:18 AM

    The last but one is Icarus from the movie Sunshine.


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