Sunday, August 08, 2010

Leapin' Lizards: Diana Returns!

Well, I had given up on the less-than-stellar remake of V, until this news surfaced yesterday. TV Guide reports that original series star Jane Badler will appear as a recurring guest on the second season of ABC's alien-invasion series. And, get this: she's playing a character named...Diana. From TV Guide:

"When V returns, we will learn that Anna (Morena Baccarin) is keeping her mother prisoner on the mother ship in a never-before-seen section that has been designed to look like the Visitors' home planet. Both Morena and Laura Vandervoort, who plays Anna's daughter, Lisa, told me they, too, were hoping Jane would take the role. Still stunningly beautiful at age 56, Jane's Diana, who will be a recurring character, is perhaps the only reptilian being who will be able to put Anna in her place. November suddenly can't come soon enough."

Well, it looks as though the makers of V just found about the only way in the universe to get me to re-sample a series that I was thoroughly unimpressed with. Kudos! And thanks to my friend Fred, for sending me this news. I can't wait to see Badler back in action...


  1. I loved the first mini-series and actually consider it a significant entry for sci fi television. The second mini-series was not as good, but still fun. And by the time they stretched it out into an ongoing series, they seemed to have just run out of ideas. But I will still take any of the 80's incarnations over the tepid remake ABC has assaulted us with that at times verges on bad camp. Bringing in Jane Badler is just a ploy to resurrection some interest from fans of the original, but I don't think it will be enough to keep this show going unless they plan a complete retooling to go along with it.

  2. Johnny Jay: I don't disagree with a single word you wrote. I'm not a fan of the new show at all (I stuck with it for a good bunch of episodes and it numbed my brain...). But I love Jane Badler and will watch just to see her back in action.

    At least for a while...


  3. Sweet!! That's as cool as having Richard Hatch on the new Gallactica! That is like having Jaclyn Smith in the Charlies Angels movie! That's like having Bill Mumy in the Lost in Space movie! That's like having Christopher Reeves on Smallville! That's like having Jack Larson in Lois & Clark as well as in Superman Returns which also had Noel Neill! That's like having Annette O'Toole in Smallville!
    Ok, I'm getting carried away
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