Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Cult-TV Faces of: Barbara Bain


  1. Dan Briggs2:10 AM

    THE MOST beautiful and classy woman to grace the TV screen in the 60's or any other era. When I was growing up, I used to see Barbara Bain on my two favorite shows :Space:1999 and Mission:Impossible....it got to the point when I would ignore my mother for chores, she would say "If I was Barbara Bain you would listen to me." And she would have been correct:-)

  2. Dan: I couldn't agree with you more. Barbara Bain is "beautiful and classy," as you say, and makes for one hell of a secret agent and space doctor!


  3. I know Barbara almost exclusively for Space:1999, but that first image looks to be from Mission Impossible.

    I simply wanted to say it was a treat to wake up to that image. She is a beautiful lady. I Love Babrbara Bain.

    She contributed to one of our favorite science fiction series. 'Nuff said.

  4. My FAVORITE woman from 60's TV with MISSION: Impossible. I know she did work in other series prior, but I swear she really burst on the scene with M:I. Man, I really miss the glamour and class she brought to television, especially in corporate-controlled dreck they're selling these days. I exclude JUSTIFIED and good amount of the character-centric stuff on the USA Network in that statement ;-).

    Thanks for spotlighting Barbara today, John.

  5. Sci-Fi Fanatic: That first photo is from Mission Impossible, indeed...the show for which Barbara Bain won three consecutive Emmy Awards for best actress. And yes, she's gorgeous (and still is gorgeous!)

    LeOpard13: I think Barbara is probably my favorite lady of the 1960s too (though the competition would be neck and neck with Diana Rigg...).

    Thanks for the comments,


  6. HPrice6:54 PM

    I almost fell off my bean bag when I discovered that Barbara (am I allowed to be on first name terms I wonder?) was in the Millenium episode I had just started watching (which I believe is the last pic I think??). She was getting on a bit but it was most definitely still her ... swoooon.

    Pics 3 and 4 are though both from Space 1999, top one is of course Mission Impossible. But the other two?? I don't know.

    [Hmmm ... and why do I keep looking at the second one??? hehe]

    ps oh and don't forget Carolyn Jones in the Addams Family in your list of 60s goddesses. She was, I think the word is, smoking ...

  7. Picture 2: Mission:Impossible, season 3, 'Illusion'
    Picture 3: Space 1999, series 1, perhaps 'Breakaway'
    Picture 4: Space 1999, 'Full Circle'

  8. HPrice: Good job, yep, that's Barbara Bain in Milennium, a third season episode. Anyone remember the title?

    And I share your appreciation for Carolyn Jones too...thanks for that!

    Meredith: Yep, Picture two is from "Illusion" (Great job) and you also got pictures 3 and 4 from Space:1999, right down to their titles. Outstanding!


  9. Anonymous3:08 PM

    No reflection on the marvelous Ms. Bain, but the effectiveness of the cavewoman costume is a little compromised when we can see your bra strap.

    Just saying.

  10. The Millennium Episode is Matryoshka, Season Three, Episode 14 for anyone interested who comes along. She does some nice work in the entry.



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