Monday, March 31, 2008

COLLECTIBLE OF THE WEEK: Just Toys "Bend 'Em" Rocketeer

"Blast off for adventure" with this 1991 collectible figure from the Disney superhero flick, The Rocketeer. Made by Just Toys under license for Disney, this "Bend-Em" figure includes a removable rocket pack.

I remember seeing this film in 1991 with Kathryn (hard-to-believe it was seventeen years ago) and loving everything about it, from the performances (William Campbell, Paul Sorvino, Jennifer Connolly, Timothy Dalton) to the great art-deco production design. The film was a box-office flop, but I'll never figure out why. It was grand, exciting superhero entertainment, but it also fits into my rule about retro-superheroes always bombing at the box office (witness The Shadow [1994], The Phantom [1996] and even Sky Captain).
Somewhere, I have a Rocketeer poster - absolutely gorgeous - that I need to frame.


  1. Now that just bendy-tastic !!!

  2. Vincent Paul Bartilucci6:50 PM

    On March 10th of this year, Rocketeer creator Dave Stevens passed away at the far too young age of 52.

    All the beautiful imagery of the Rocketeer and his world, we owe to Mr. Stevens.

    Rest in peace.