Sunday, October 22, 2006

Return of the Catnap: Guardian Cat!

Here you will see Ezri, my stalwart warrior princess, protecting my newborn son, Joel. At first, Ezri hissed at Joel, but after a day, she seemed to understand who he is and what he represents, and now she's his steadfast companion and guardian. I had him on the floor (on a blanket) to change his diapers the other day, and he started to cry. Well, as soon as that boy opened his mouth, Ezri was off the sofa and at his side, making certain he was safe and unhurt. Now that's what I call a good cat...


  1. John, glad to see Catnap: The Next Generation on the blog (and I'm sure that Rachel will be thrilled, too). How are your other cats responding to Joel?

  2. Hey Howard!

    That cats have been great. Lily is terrified of Joel, I think. I've never seen her pupils get so big and round before. And Lila is happy as long as she gets petted and loved by me occasionally, so she's good...

    They're good kitties, and they'll all making good pals for Joel.