Thursday, December 01, 2005

TV REVIEW: Lost: "What Kate Did"

"Are we saved?" Sawyer asked Kate on last night's episode of Lost. "No, Sawyer, not yet," Kate replied. Now there's an exchange just loaded with symbolism, don't you think? As the episode "What Kate Did" revolves around Kate's murder of her stepfather Wayne, "being saved" is a pertinent point, isn't it? Could it be that all the folks stranded on the island are waiting to be "saved?" in the Biblical sense? That somehow they are sinners, relegated to a purgatory of sorts? I realize that explanation's been bandied about for a long time on the Net, but either the writers were playing with us, or that dialogue had a big, fat double meaning. You decide.

One thing I learned from last night's episode: Jack ain't gay. (I had kinda speculated about that, given how the character always retreats when Kate gets physical with him...) Instead, Jack got wacked out, firewood-chopping jealous when a feverish Sawyer blurted out that he's in love with Kate. Nice to see things heating up. The Jack-Kate kiss last night was good, but the Sawyer-Kate kiss last season was better (and hotter). Sorry, Jack. I think you're going to end up with Ana Lucia...

Overall, "What Kate Did" was a good episode of Lost. If you've been reading my posts on the series this season, you know of my increasing ennui with the lengthy character flashbacks. This one, however, didn't bother me, perhaps because there was new information here; not just re-hash (like Michael's flashback; or Hurley's). Instead, we finally know - as the title suggests - exactly what Kate did. Good for Lost. Now move on.

What I enjoyed more than Kate's flashbacks was the meeting of the island's two most enigmatic (and spiritual?) characters, John Locke and Mr. Eko (sp?). "Don't mistake coincidence for fate," Eko warned Locke, and I thought that was an interesting point to bring up, given Locke's bent. More genuinely interesting was the discovery of the missing "spliced" film, which reveals (at least partly...) what should occur if the numbers are not entered into the computer. Another "incident." Oh boy, that sounds scary!

Also, the Dharma film warns against using the computer for any purpose other than typing in those bloomin' numbers. So guess what Michael does as the hour ends? Yep, he types "hello" into the computer at another prompt reading "hello." And then...he learns...

...he's communicating with Walt.

Damn, every time I think I'm out of Lost, it reels me back in. Great show. Every week.

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  1. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I'm sorry, I don't agree with you about Jack ending up with Ana Lucia. First of all she dead. And we all know Jack/Kate are going to end up together.


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