Friday, June 30, 2006

Space:1999 Year Two Omnibus!

Well lookie, lookie what I found on the Muir Moonbase landing pad yesterday morning!

Direct from Powys Media in sunny California comes the spanking new Space:1999 book release: a gigantic 442-page tome; an omnibus Year Two edition that features adaptations of every Year Two episode produced back in 1976. This colossal effort is by Michael Butterworth, and yours truly was one of many editors on the vast project (along with Jon Blum, Mateo Latosa, and William Latham). It's a substantial piece of work, and -- in it's own fashion -- revolutionary in terms of tie-ins.

But the dust jacket interior describes it all much better than I could:

Initially published as six individual books, this omnibus edition, newly revised by the author, contains all the episode novelizations from the original editions plus - for the first time - the novelization of "The Taybor."

In addition, this volume presents the episodes in corrected order, following the chronological dating convention employed in the television series.

In this precedent-setting edition, the texts have been revised and amended to ensure a consistent connected continuity with the first season of SPACE:1999 -- YEAR ONE - and with the line of original novels already published and forthcoming from Powys Media. The goal is to create a single, unified, internally consistent literary epic tale.

Nice huh? This limited edition book is not only gorgeous (and exquisitely laid out...), it packs a wallop. My only problem is finding a place in my office to display it...

For the record, the stories adapted here are: "The Metamorph," "The Exiles," "One Moment of Humanity," "All That Glisters," "The Mark of Archanon," "Journey to Where," "The Taybor," "The Rules of Luton," "New Adam, New Eve," "Brian the Brain," "Catacombs of the Moon," "The AB Chrysalis," "The Beta Cloud," "Seed of Destruction," "A Matter of Balance," "Space Warp," "The Bringers of Wonder" (Parts I & II), "Dorzak," "The Seance Spectre," "Devil's Planet," "The Lambda Factor," "The Immunity Syndrome," and "The Dorcons."

There's also a revealing, behind-the-scenes foreword by author Butterworth, and an amusing, informative afterword by Mateo.

If you're interested in ordering this incredible labor of love, this limited edition Space:1999 collectible, go to Powys Media here.

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