The Jurassic Park/World Movie Matrix

Jurassic Park (1993)
The Lost World (1997)
Jurassic Park III (2001)
Jurassic World (2015)
Children are
Important players.
Alexis and Tim
Kelly Malcolm
Eric Kirby
Gray and Zach Mitchell
We correct our
misperceptions about
Raptors are smart, not dumb, pack hunters. They have inverted hip-bones, like birds.
T-Rex did not abandon his/her young. Instead, were good parents.
Velociraptors can vocalize and communicate with one another during pack hunting.
The Herd (Swarms
of dinosaurs on the run).
Compsognathus, stegosaurus
Yes (fleeing Spinosaurus)
Yes (In an open side truck, park-goers watch Gallimum race by on a Savannah).
Man’s hubris causes
the chaos.
Isla Nublar: re-introducing dinosaurs to   the world in the 20th century.
Isla Sorna: Capture of dinosaurs by InGen, and transportation of T-Rex to San Francisco.
A plane of mercenaries lands on Isla Sorna, breaking international law and endangering the crew.
 Yes – same hubris as before, a theme park with dinosaurs, but more importantly, creation of the Indominus Rex.
A cute dinosaur kills a morally-corrupt person
Compsognathus/Dieter Stark
Yes, if you count the Velociraptors as cute, which I do/Vic Hoskins
Adults gain new understanding of children.
Alan’s time with Alexis and Tim makes him re-consider his feelings about children, and family.
Ian Malcolm mends his relationship with his estranged daughter, Kelly.
The Kirbys rescue their son, Eric, and reconcile as a family.
Claire Dearing realizes how important her nephews are to her, and fights to save their lives.
T-Rex saves the day.
Yes (in the welcome center)
Yes, by rescuing its infant, and by killing the film’s villain, Hammond.
It tries, but is killed in combat with a Spinosaurus.
Yes, the T-Rex comes out of captivity to double team the Indominus Rex with Blue.


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