Monday, March 27, 2017

Cult-TV Theme Watch: Domes

A dome is defined as a "rounded or arched roof," typically completing a structure or building with a circular base.

Domes have been utilized frequently in cult-TV history to suggest, in particular, a futuristic construct.

The 1970's TV programs in particular, featured domes galore.

For example, the biospheres of the Earthship Ark were topped by domes in the short-lived The Starlost (1973).

Space:1999 (1975-1977) featured domes on at least two occasions as well. 

In Year One's "Mission of the Darians," the Alphans encountered a generation ship, the S.S. Daria, which was dotted with large environmental domes. Some of these domes interiors were overgrown and irradiated because of a shipboard nuclear disaster. 

In Year Two of the same series, the Alphans attempted to transport to Texas City, Earth, in the episode "Journey to Where."  These cities looked like giant, mechanical mushrooms, with domes atop  the buildings.

Logan's Run: The Series (1977) re-made the action of the popular 1976 feature film, and re-used the miniature for the City of Domes.  The City of the Domes is, simply, the home that Logan and Jessica escape from, in search of Sanctuary.

In 1979, the final episode of Battlestar Galactica (1978-1979), "The Hand of God," featured scenes in a domed-outcropping on the dorsal side of the great battlestar; a celestial dome once utilized for navigation.

Much more recently, CBS aired Under the Dome (2013 - 2015), a series based on the 2009 novel by Stephen King.  The series, which ran for 39 episodes, involved the people of Chester's Mill discovering that they were trapped beneath a giant force field shaped -- you guessed it -- like a dome.

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