Ask JKM a Question: A View to A Kill?

A reader, Ted, writes:

"I have read and enjoyed but sometimes disagreed with your old reviews of James Bond films. However, I was disappointed that you have not yet reviewed all of them yet.  

In particular, I wonder what you think of the first Bond film I ever saw in the movie theater: A View to a Kill (1985)?"

Ted, that's a great question.  

When I received your e-mail some weeks ago, I decided to review A View to a Kill (1985) this week, and also feature a look at the merchandise released with the film.  

So, I already posted some advert artwork related to the film (last night), and will devote Tuesday morning to an in-depth review of Roger Moore's last outing as 007. 

On Wednesday, you can look back at some ephemera from the movie's release in 1985.

You're right that I did not get to every Bond film on my last "Bond Week."   I'm working on it!

I still have left to review quite a few of the films, including a lot of the Connery installments, and at least two Brosnan entries. I hope to get to them all written in time for the next Bond Week (which should come with the release of the next film in what -- 2018? 2019?)

To the specifics of your question: I find View to a Kill fascinating -- if not necessarily good -- but  I don't want to steal my review's thunder by going into more detail.

So, tune in tomorrow morning for a close-up look.

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