Saturday, January 07, 2017

Saturday Morning Cult-TV Blogging: Shazam: "The Odd Couple" (October 18, 1975)

In “The Odd Couple,” Captain Marvel (Jon Davey) comes to the aid of two teenagers on an out-of-control airplane.

Later, the same two teenagers trek into the woods just as a forest fire begins burning.  Realizing he can’t handle the situation alone, and remembering the Elder’s admonishment that he shouldn’t be 
prideful, Captain Marvel must team up with Mighty Isis (Joanna Cameron).

Captain Marvel’s example makes one of the teens, Don (Steve Benedict), realize that is okay to ask for help instead of blundering into dangerous situations.

Isis (Joanna Cameron) and Captain Marvel (John Davey) first join forces in “The Odd Couple,” a second season episode of Filmation’s Shazam (1974-1976).

Here, Captain Marvel needs help dealing with a forest fire, realizing he cannot handle a problem of this scope all alone.  Accordingly --- for the first time in the series -- Mentor contacts the Elders himself.  They tell him the secret identity of Isis, and where to find her.

Surprisingly, Isis knows all about the Elders, and is more than willing to help out. I would love to know how she is familiar with the Elders, and they with her, but viewers don’t get any additional details.

Once Isis is on the scene, she is able to squelch the forest fire, and save the day.  I confess: I loved seeing Joanna Cameron in full Isis regalia again, having finished reviewing that series over a year ago.  As I recall, the series grew somewhat repetitious and tiresome.  

But Joanna Cameron never did.

Next week: "The Contest," the first episode of Shazam's third and final season.

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  1. Did they really strap a stunt guy to the plane and flew around? Amazing! I really should get these DVDs again as I remember liking the flying effects even though the episodes always followed a specific formulaic plot, as did most Filmation shows at the time.


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