Sunday, March 13, 2016

At Flashbak: Remco's Earthquake an Tower Rescue Playset (1976)

This week at Flashbak, I remembered an absolutely crazy toy from the 1970s, Remco’s Earthquake Tower and Rescue Playset (1976).

“Now here is a disco-decade toy that Irwin Allen -- the cinematic master of disaster -- would have likely approved of.

Billed as “the world’s largest playset” and standing a whopping five feet tall, the Remco Earthquake Tower was a mash-up of the biggest Hollywood hits of 1974: The Towering Inferno and Earthquake.

You had, essentially, the high-rise building from the former and the colossal threat from the latter.

Basically, it was a kid’s job to save everyone in the giant playset from a massive earthquake (presumably innocent civilians…), using a plastic rescue squad consisting of 2 rescue trucks and a copter.

The authenticity of the make-believe earthquake was enhanced by a “disaster sound record” a “minute, 55 second” vinyl recording accentuating “realism...”

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