Tuesday, February 10, 2015

At Flashbak: You’ll Burn Your Fingers! Remembering Mattel’s Strange Change Toy

My latest article at Flashbak remembers the great (but finger-scalding...) toy: The Strange Change Machine (Mattel; 1967).

"File this one under great toys that kids of the twenty-first century would nver be permitted to play with. 


Because Mattel’s Strange Change Toy Featuring the Lost World (1967) is, essentially, a hot plate. 
Here, a child at play takes tiny square “capsules” and deposits them on the hote plate (preferably with tweezers) as it grows hot. 

After a while, the heat makes the capsules unfold into the forms of strange monsters and creatures.
Then, after the shapes have formed, you put the monsters in a “compression chamber” (really a vise, operated by a wheel) and squeeze them back into their tiny capsule form.

Not as fun as Minecraft you say?

Well, I grew up with this toy, though it arrived on the market a few years before I was born.  Still, my sister and I spent many hours burning our fingers while trying to help the capsules form into giant ants, or dangerous dinosaurs...."

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