Tuesday, February 24, 2015

At Flashbak: Good Vibrations: Remembering Dynamite Magazine and its Sci-Fi Covers of the 1970s

My latest article at Flashbak remembers the glory days of Dynamite Magazine, and its sci-fi TV/movie themed cover imagery.

"Dynamite Magazine (1974 – 1992) from Scholastic is another great reminder of childhood in the 1970s, an age before the home video and video game revolutions.

The magazine, published out of Englewood, N.J. was described as a “monthly book from Arrow, a Scholastic Book Club,” and always included fun features that could help pass the hours on a rainy Saturday.

In the pages of Dynamite magazine, you could find staples like “Bummers,” --a reader-selected “things I hate” comic strip -- puzzles (“Help, This Puzzle is Driving Me Nuts!”), Marvel and D.C. superhero reprints (“Superhero Confidential”), and the monthly advice/letters column (“Good Vibrations”). 

The magazine also printed new interviews with the likes of Tatum O’Neal and Shaun Cassidy, to name just two young stars of the era.

But starting in February 1975, Dynamite Magazine began tapping into the burgeoning love of science fiction movies and television among America’s young.

The cover that month featured art involving Col. Steve Austin (Lee Majors), bionic protagonist of The Six Million Dollar Man (1973 – 1978).

After that issue of the mag, the floodgates were open, and sci-fi themed covers and articles kept coming..." (Continue reading at Flashbak!)

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