Monday, September 29, 2014

Television and Cinema Verities: John Carpenter's Halloween (1978) Edition

"I screened the final cut [of Halloween], minus sound effects and music, for a young executive from 20th Century-Fox (I was interviewing for another possible directing job). She wasn't scared at all. I then became determined to "save it with the music."

- John Carpenter discusses one movie executive's response to his first cut of Halloween (1978), in the liner notes of the films soundtrack album, from Varese Sarabande. "A Note from the Director and Composer," by John Carpenter, February 5, 1983.

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  1. Tony Wilson1:46 AM

    Thanks for this. Halloween has one of the most effective scores ever, It's one of the few films to use the stinger sound effect erm effectively. Also the article is easier to read if you click 'open image in new tab'.