Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lance Henriksen in Fragile Storm at Indiegogo

Later this week, I’ll be heading out to Kentucky to direct a short film (a vignette in the horror anthology Volumes of Blood), but today I want to draw your attention to another indie film project that is also eminently worthy of your time and interest

Right now, the great Lance Henriksen is working on Fragile Storm, a shortfilm that he describes as “frightening and beautiful,” from writer/director Dawn Fields. 

Mr. Henriksen is very enthusiastic about this script, and is bringing his trademark passion and energy to it. That fact means a lot as far as I’m concerned.  

Additionally, the film’s script won the first annual Palm Street Films Contest, and Fragile Storm is being shot by renowned cinematographer Yaron Levy.

Right now Fragile Storm is being crowd-funded at Indiegogo and the rewards for participating are quite remarkable (including credits on the film itself, and an audio recording of Lance Henriksen thanking you for your help.) The money raised will help the film get into festivals, and go into, among other things, the marketing of the project.

So if you can, check out the project and contribute something.  I’m really looking forward to seeing Lance Henriksen starring in this…

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  1. thank you John! Appreciate the shoutout! Keep us up to date with your short film and we'll support you as well!