Wednesday, September 17, 2014

At Flashbak: “I sense something…a presence…:” 5 Egregious Darth Vader Knock-offs of the 1970s

"The Star Wars craze of the 1970s resulted in a whole lot of “space war” movie knock-offs at the cinemas. But one character, especially, seemed to cast an over-sized shadow upon the science fiction world: Lord Darth Vader.

This caped, imposing Sith villain with strange powers and labored breathing soon became the de rigueur model for “evil” characters both in terms of toy design, and in terms of TV programming.  Vader-like characters were suddenly everywhere in the pop-culture.

Below are five of the most jaw-dropping Darth Vader knock-offs that appeared in the immediate aftermath of Star Wars."

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  1. Those were the days of our post Star Wars youth. I am sure there are even more.